A quick note

I am a volunteer with a national organization which amongst other functions provides emergency disaster services.  It does not appear that there is a facility in Central Alberta that utilizes this type of vehicle.  One group maintains several of these but they are located in Edmonton and in Calgary.  Although driving time is only two hours, the logistics in calling out staff and loading can extend this time into many hours.

In comparison Pennsylvania Salvation Army EDS has 30+ vans pre-positioned throughout the state for emergency use.

Therefore it is my intention to secure private funding to donate an equipped vehicle to the appropriate Red Deer organization for use in Central Alberta.

These vehicles cost about $100,000 US with basic equipment and one example is available from Keystone Coach Works, in Pennsylvania.  The DRU-2 brochure is here and a Power Point is available.

The vehicle shown is in Salvation Army markings and as used as an example until a suitable photograph is obtained.  

This project is not authorized by the Salvation Army or any other community service organization.

Community assistance is required in securing the costs both upfront and ongoing.  I will be preparing a DVD with more information in the near future.

Please contact me for more information and how you can help Central Alberta Communities in times of need.

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The project is not simply the purchase but includes on-going operational expenses that should not be a direct burden on the supporting agency

Vehicle purchase

Transportation costs from factory

Alberta vehicle insurance

Estimated monthly fuel.

Vehicle storage costs

Ongoing maintenance costs

Cambro food storage

Supplies, bottled water, coffee, disposable cups and food containers, assuming 100 meals, 300 beverage cups, fresh food and produce

There are many more items

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